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Design for film:

Verdens Mellomste Fisk/The Worlds Middlest Fish

Director Cathinka Tandberg

Producer Mikrofilm

I made the background designs for this beautiful little short, directed film by Cathinka Tandberg

and produced by Mikrofilm

Alfie Atkins feature film - My work is specified on each picture (move the cursor over the picture)

I did various background/prop/effect- design for the feature film Alfie Atkins (Albert Åberg) with the design team on Mikrofilm

Director: Torill Kove

AD: Magnhild Winsnes,

Producer: Maipo

Alfie Atkins App

And also 2 months designing additional tree and trehouses for the Alfie Atkins game (HYPER and Maipo).

Consept and characterdesign for various film projects :

for Storm Film, E Bank, Pirk Animasjon, Appmonk, Freialand mm

Shortfilms for children made by me:

Morningbird and Murmelton, Superdad and Pelé, and The Magic Book

Annette Saugestad Helland

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