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Alfie Atkins game


Hyper: Albert Åberg

Animation work for Perlefilm

I animated, and made effects for various productions for Perlefilm:

Yogabreaks: A series of yoga-films for children in school

Mindfulness films: A series of mindfulnessfilms for children in school

A music app for children

Its Alive: An playful photo-app for iphone and android

Animation work Freialand

I animated, designed and directed 4 films and a soundfile for Freialand, i collaboration with projectmanager at Freia Tone Seppola, and Novavista,  sound: Rikard Strømsodd, editing; Ulf Flittig, liveactionshoot walter; Espen Solberg and Viggo M. Knudsen

They are for use inside their eventcenter. About chocolate -history, the making of chocolate and aboute the magic of chocolate


Undervisningsfilmer i Norsk for Ungdomsskolen/

Educational films for secondary school

Pirk Animasjon/Hege Bø/CappelenDamm Undervisning

I made additional design and animation work .

Studentskipnaden i Bergen

Pirk Animasjon/Director Hege Bø

Additional animation and designwork 

Music Video FalgrenBusk Trio


I directed, animated and designed this

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